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Beware The "By-Law Buster"

19 February 2016


 In NSW, Owners Corporations can adopt by-laws that restrict the type of use of lots in strata schemes. Accordingly, by-laws ...


19 February 2016


In Queensland, the “Gallery Vie” decision continues to cause significant problems when it comes to the sale or refinancing of ...

What Is “Misconduct” Under A Caretaking Agreement

23 November 2015


Most Caretaking Agreements allow the Body Corporate to terminate the Agreement if: (a) the Manager is convicted of an indictable offence ...

A Tenant’s Representative? – Really?

15 September 2015


There are a number of interesting changes proposed by the NSW Government under the Strata Schemes Management Bill 2015, which ...


19 August 2015


The NSW Government has introduced a Bill into Parliament that will replace the existing Strata Schemes Management Act 1996. If ...

Fixing Up the Anomalies

17 March 2014


How silly can the law be? Did you know that the current NSW strata laws require Owners Corporation approval before a ...

What Managers Need to know about the NSW Child Window Safety Devices Act 2013

17 January 2014


Resident building managers have general obligations under their Caretaking Agreements to assist Owners Corporations with building and compliance issues. Managers ...

The New Strata Laws for New South Wales - Part 2

09 December 2013


In last month's article, I summarised the proposed reforms proposed in the Strata & Community Title Law Reform Position Paper ...

The New Strata Laws for New South Wales

21 November 2013


The Strata & Community Title Law Reform Position Paper has now been released by the New South Wales Government.  I ...

Not Getting the Fundamentals Right

15 October 2013


A recent decision of the NSW Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) has highlighted the importance of ensuring that the ...


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Annoying Strata Issues – Drifting Smoke And Abandoned Goods

21 November 2017


I have had a couple of Building Managers ask me recently about what is the current law in NSW relating ...

The Fourth Tier Of Government

28 January 2018


It is often said that if you live in a strata building, you are controlled by the fourth tier of ...

New short-term holiday letting regulations for NSW

20 June 2018


The NSW Government has announced a new a regulatory framework to govern the short-term holiday letting industry. Short-term holiday letting ...

Will The Vacancy Fee For Foreign Owners Have An Impact On Short Term Management Rights?

26 February 2018


Following a series of amendments in November 2017, foreign owners who have applied for FIRB approval after the 9th May ...

Duties And Obligations Of Committee Members

21 August 2018


Committee members are all volunteers and the vast majority are unpaid. The strata legislation (and by laws) in each state provides ...

Is company title making a comeback?

21 September 2018


Strata laws were first introduced into New South Wales in 1961. This legislation, the Conveyancing (Strata Titles) Act 1961, was ...

The Problem With Deeds Of Consent In New South Wales

26 March 2018


Financiers of management rights purchases commonly require the owners corporation to enter into a deed of consent to security (“consent ...

The Administrative Fund -v- Capital Works Fund

24 January 2019


 All strata schemes in NSW must establish an administrative fund and a capital works fund (was called a “sinking” fund) ...

NSW Trust Account Auditing Requirements

26 June 2019


 NSW TRUST ACCOUNT AUDITING REQUIREMENTS The following people must have their trust accounts audited if they received or held trust money ...