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A Frustrating Situation or a Frustrated Contract?

04 December 2019


A FRUSTRATING SITUATION OR A FRUSTRATED CONTRACT? We live in a world where we enter into contracts on a daily basis ...

Drop Deed Dates

25 November 2019


“DROP DEAD” DATES There have been many articles written about how critical it is that you exercise any option in your ...

An Urgent Call To Action

22 October 2019


AN URGENT CALL TO ACTION! If you own management rights in NSW or if you are looking at joining the management ...

Letting Appointments - Have You Got Them Right?

27 September 2019


LETTING APPOINTMENTS - HAVE YOU GOT THEM RIGHT? Unlike in Queensland where we have the Government prescribed POA Form 6, NSW ...

NSW Short-Term Rental Accommodation Update

23 August 2019


NSW SHORT-TERM RENTAL ACCOMMODATION UPDATE The NSW Government has now issued its new regulatory framework discussion paper and called for final ...

Voting Rights and Conflicts of Interest

23 July 2019


 VOTING RIGHTS AND CONFLICTS OF INTEREST “Am I allowed to vote on this because I’m the building manager?” or “Can I ...

NSW Trust Account Auditing Requirements

26 June 2019


 NSW TRUST ACCOUNT AUDITING REQUIREMENTS The following people must have their trust accounts audited if they received or held trust money ...

Developer v Owners Corporation

22 May 2019


 DEVELOPER v OWNERS CORPORATION – WHO IS ENTITLED TO THE MONEY? I regularly attend Owners Corporation meetings on behalf of Building ...

The Broadening Scope of Anti-Bullying Laws

02 May 2019


 THE BROADENING SCOPE OF ANTI-BULLYING LAWS As you may be aware the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has in the recent past ...

Update on Airbnb Legislation

25 March 2019


UPDATE ON AIRBNB LEGISLATION Like strata legislation, real estate licensing and just about everything else that impacts on our daily lives, the ...


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Management Rights News

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Manged Investment Schemes

15 July 2008


You may have heard the terms ‘MIA’ or ‘Managed Investments Scheme’ and wondered what it’s all about. If you operate ...

Being Aware of your Rights and Responsibilities

14 January 2013


Every resident building manager in NSW should have a copy of the booklet issued by the Department of Fair Trading ...

How to Ruin a Business Sale

11 March 2013


I read a great article recently which was written by Barry Morwood at Robinson & Robinson, Solicitors. With Barry’s permission, ...

The Law Relating to Management Rights in Victoria

05 July 2010


This article looks at Victoria where it is estimated that they are no more than 40 management rights complexes. I will ...

Caretaking and Letting Agreement Essentials Part 3: The Assignment Cycle

15 October 2014


We continue our examination of various clauses within caretaking and letting agreements and the important considerations to be mindful of when ...

The New Strata Laws for New South Wales

21 November 2013


The Strata & Community Title Law Reform Position Paper has now been released by the New South Wales Government.  I ...

Fencing the Issue

12 November 2012


Nearly two years ago in Queensland, legislation came into effect that placed a number of new requirements on the owners ...

The New Strata Laws for New South Wales - Part 2

09 December 2013


In last month's article, I summarised the proposed reforms proposed in the Strata & Community Title Law Reform Position Paper ...

True or False?

10 December 2012


QUESTIONS A General Meeting resolution is required before an Owners Corporation can change its postal address? TRUE Special levies and certain other income ...

The Law Relating to Management Rights in New South Wales

14 January 2011


This article looks at restrictions on developers setting up management rights in New South Wales, where it is estimated that ...

Defamation - When is enough, enough?

16 April 2014


As we all know, living or working in strata can get very personal. I am often amazed at what people ...

A Letting Agreement or a By-Law?

14 February 2014


Facts? (Well at least according to me!) • Management Rights were originally established to provide onsite caretaking and letting for buildings ...

Competing Interests -v- Conflicts of Interest

08 October 2012


In many strata schemes, there can often be competing interest between different groups of stakeholders. For example, developers, caretakers, investor ...

The Law Relating to Management Rights in Western Australia

01 November 2010


This article looks at restrictions on developers setting up management rights in Western Australia, where it is estimated that there ...

Queensland -v- The Other States in Management Rights

14 May 2010


Management rights are unique business. They are created by developers, sold by developers and profits retained by developers.   To give you ...