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How Important Are Unit Entitlements?

28 February 2017


Voting Unit entitlements reflect your “share” in the strata scheme. Unlike Queensland however, NSW only has one form of unit entitlement. Many ...

More Management Rights The Simple Answer To Airbnb

30 January 2017


Sydney Morning Herald columnist Jimmy Thompson wrote an interesting article in his Flat Chat column recently headed “Guerrilla warfare warning ...

How To Kill A Business Sale

27 October 2016


I have often been involved in transactions where the seller gave the impression of making it difficult for the buyer ...

Will You Be Downloading The AGM App?

20 September 2016


With the new strata legislation coming into effect in NSW on the 30th November 2016, day to day strata management ...

Strata Living - The Hotbed Of Competing Interests

14 August 2016


In nearly all strata schemes, there are different groups of stakeholders all with competing interests. Each of these groups has ...

Looking After Your Interests!

21 June 2016


In NSW, other than in a manner set out in the agreement itself, an Owners Corporation can only take steps ...

The Tenant Representative

23 May 2016


The current NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 will shortly be replaced by new legislation which has introduced a novel ...

Calling Extraordinary General Meetings

22 March 2016


 Assigning Management Agreements by requisitioning Extraordinary General Meetings The Problem The assignment of Caretaking agreements in NSW must be approved at a ...

Beware The "By-Law Buster"

19 February 2016


 In NSW, Owners Corporations can adopt by-laws that restrict the type of use of lots in strata schemes. Accordingly, by-laws ...


19 February 2016


In Queensland, the “Gallery Vie” decision continues to cause significant problems when it comes to the sale or refinancing of ...


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Management Rights News

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Annoying Strata Issues – Drifting Smoke And Abandoned Goods

21 November 2017


I have had a couple of Building Managers ask me recently about what is the current law in NSW relating ...

Duties And Obligations Of Committee Members

21 August 2018


Committee members are all volunteers and the vast majority are unpaid. The strata legislation (and by laws) in each state provides ...

NSW Trust Account Auditing Requirements

26 June 2019


 NSW TRUST ACCOUNT AUDITING REQUIREMENTS The following people must have their trust accounts audited if they received or held trust money ...

Six Steps to Protecting Your Investment

23 June 2017


There are six (6) basic rules I believe a Building Manager needs to follow to ensure that their investment is ...

The Old Chestnut – How To Deal With Illegal Parking On Common Property

02 January 2018


Illegal parking on common property has to be one of the biggest issues faced by Building Managers.   In short, residents or ...

The Broadening Scope of Anti-Bullying Laws

02 May 2019


 THE BROADENING SCOPE OF ANTI-BULLYING LAWS As you may be aware the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has in the recent past ...

Will The Vacancy Fee For Foreign Owners Have An Impact On Short Term Management Rights?

26 February 2018


Following a series of amendments in November 2017, foreign owners who have applied for FIRB approval after the 9th May ...

Drop Dead Dates

22 October 2018


 It is critical that you exercise any option in your Caretaking and Letting Agreements strictly in accordance with the terms ...

Community Title v Strata Title in NSW

21 January 2020


Community Title –v– Strata Title in NSW Unlike in Queensland where the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 covers every ...

The Problem With Deeds Of Consent In New South Wales

26 March 2018


Financiers of management rights purchases commonly require the owners corporation to enter into a deed of consent to security (“consent ...

Developer v Owners Corporation

22 May 2019


 DEVELOPER v OWNERS CORPORATION – WHO IS ENTITLED TO THE MONEY? I regularly attend Owners Corporation meetings on behalf of Building ...

Letting Appointments - Have You Got Them Right?

27 September 2019


LETTING APPOINTMENTS - HAVE YOU GOT THEM RIGHT? Unlike in Queensland where we have the Government prescribed POA Form 6, NSW ...

NSW Short-Term Rental Accommodation Update

23 August 2019


NSW SHORT-TERM RENTAL ACCOMMODATION UPDATE The NSW Government has now issued its new regulatory framework discussion paper and called for final ...

An Urgent Call To Action

22 October 2019


AN URGENT CALL TO ACTION! If you own management rights in NSW or if you are looking at joining the management ...

A Frustrating Situation or a Frustrated Contract?

04 December 2019


A FRUSTRATING SITUATION OR A FRUSTRATED CONTRACT? We live in a world where we enter into contracts on a daily basis ...