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Caretaking and Letting Agreement Essentials Part 1

03 September 2014


We regularly prepare caretaking and letting agreements for new developments. However, it has become increasingly common for us to be ...

Shortcutting the Assignment Process

15 July 2014


Different States have different requirements when it comes to obtaining Body Corporate consent to the assignment of Caretaking and Letting ...

Have you been told?

17 June 2014


Does any of this sound familiar? There are 30 owners in the Owners Corporation but only 4 at the Owners Corporation ...

Let's Put it to a Vote

15 May 2014


Submitting a motion to be voted on by an Owners Corporation is usually a straightforward affair. It normally involves providing ...

Defamation - When is enough, enough?

16 April 2014


As we all know, living or working in strata can get very personal. I am often amazed at what people ...

Fixing Up the Anomalies

17 March 2014


How silly can the law be? Did you know that the current NSW strata laws require Owners Corporation approval before a ...

A Letting Agreement or a By-Law?

14 February 2014


Facts? (Well at least according to me!) • Management Rights were originally established to provide onsite caretaking and letting for buildings ...

What Managers Need to know about the NSW Child Window Safety Devices Act 2013

17 January 2014


Resident building managers have general obligations under their Caretaking Agreements to assist Owners Corporations with building and compliance issues. Managers ...

The New Strata Laws for New South Wales - Part 2

09 December 2013


In last month's article, I summarised the proposed reforms proposed in the Strata & Community Title Law Reform Position Paper ...

The New Strata Laws for New South Wales

21 November 2013


The Strata & Community Title Law Reform Position Paper has now been released by the New South Wales Government.  I ...


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Management Rights News

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An Urgent Call To Action

22 October 2019


AN URGENT CALL TO ACTION! If you own management rights in NSW or if you are looking at joining the management ...

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in Strata Buildings and Motels

01 March 2019


Unlike more mainstream commercial ventures, we regularly see instances in the strata industry where intellectual property protection may not be ...

Real Estate and the Saleability of Your Rights

20 November 2018


The eastern States have experienced substantial increases in the value of real estate over the last couple of years. This ...

A Frustrating Situation or a Frustrated Contract?

04 December 2019


A FRUSTRATING SITUATION OR A FRUSTRATED CONTRACT? We live in a world where we enter into contracts on a daily basis ...

Drop Deed Dates

25 November 2019


“DROP DEAD” DATES There have been many articles written about how critical it is that you exercise any option in your ...

Community Title v Strata Title in NSW

21 January 2020


Community Title –v– Strata Title in NSW Unlike in Queensland where the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 covers every ...

New Residential Tenancy Laws for NSW

03 March 2020


NEW RESIDENTIAL TENANCY LAWS FOR NSW All building managers conducting permanent letting need to take note! Changes to the residential tenancy laws ...

Defamation: When Is Enough, Enough?

26 March 2020


DEFAMATION - WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? As we all know, living or working in strata can get very personal. I am ...