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New Residential Tenancy Laws for NSW

03 March 2020


NEW RESIDENTIAL TENANCY LAWS FOR NSW All building managers conducting permanent letting need to take note! Changes to the residential tenancy laws ...

Community Title v Strata Title in NSW

21 January 2020


Community Title –v– Strata Title in NSW Unlike in Queensland where the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 covers every ...

An Urgent Call To Action

22 October 2019


AN URGENT CALL TO ACTION! If you own management rights in NSW or if you are looking at joining the management ...

Letting Appointments - Have You Got Them Right?

27 September 2019


LETTING APPOINTMENTS - HAVE YOU GOT THEM RIGHT? Unlike in Queensland where we have the Government prescribed POA Form 6, NSW ...

NSW Short-Term Rental Accommodation Update

23 August 2019


NSW SHORT-TERM RENTAL ACCOMMODATION UPDATE The NSW Government has now issued its new regulatory framework discussion paper and called for final ...

Voting Rights and Conflicts of Interest

23 July 2019


 VOTING RIGHTS AND CONFLICTS OF INTEREST “Am I allowed to vote on this because I’m the building manager?” or “Can I ...

NSW Trust Account Auditing Requirements

26 June 2019


 NSW TRUST ACCOUNT AUDITING REQUIREMENTS The following people must have their trust accounts audited if they received or held trust money ...

The Administrative Fund -v- Capital Works Fund

24 January 2019


 All strata schemes in NSW must establish an administrative fund and a capital works fund (was called a “sinking” fund) ...

Is company title making a comeback?

21 September 2018


Strata laws were first introduced into New South Wales in 1961. This legislation, the Conveyancing (Strata Titles) Act 1961, was ...

Duties And Obligations Of Committee Members

21 August 2018


Committee members are all volunteers and the vast majority are unpaid. The strata legislation (and by laws) in each state provides ...


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Management Rights News

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Unit Entitlement in NSW

11 February 2013


The issue of unit entitlement was recently looked at again as part of the Department of Fair Trading’s Discussion Paper ...

What Managers Need to know about the NSW Child Window Safety Devices Act 2013

17 January 2014


Resident building managers have general obligations under their Caretaking Agreements to assist Owners Corporations with building and compliance issues. Managers ...

Owners Corporation Insurance - How do we Stop the Spiraling Costs?

12 August 2013


In NSW, all strata schemes are required to be insured for the full replacement value, as well as public liability ...

"Legal Action", All those in Favour say "Why"

15 July 2013


I was recently involved in a New South Wales matter where an Executive Committee had received extensive legal advice from ...

Not Getting the Fundamentals Right

15 October 2013


A recent decision of the NSW Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) has highlighted the importance of ensuring that the ...

Being Aware of your Rights and Responsibilities

14 January 2013


Every resident building manager in NSW should have a copy of the booklet issued by the Department of Fair Trading ...

Short-Term Letting, Occupancy Limits And Tenant Representatives In NSW Strata

25 July 2017


Occupancy Limits By-laws in NSW may limit the number of adult residents in a lot. The limit however cannot be fewer ...

The New Strata Laws for New South Wales

21 November 2013


The Strata & Community Title Law Reform Position Paper has now been released by the New South Wales Government.  I ...

The New Strata Laws for New South Wales - Part 2

09 December 2013


In last month's article, I summarised the proposed reforms proposed in the Strata & Community Title Law Reform Position Paper ...

The Law Relating to Management Rights in New South Wales

14 January 2011


This article looks at restrictions on developers setting up management rights in New South Wales, where it is estimated that ...

Calling Extraordinary General Meetings

22 March 2016


 Assigning Management Agreements by requisitioning Extraordinary General Meetings The Problem The assignment of Caretaking agreements in NSW must be approved at a ...

What Is “Misconduct” Under A Caretaking Agreement

23 November 2015


Most Caretaking Agreements allow the Body Corporate to terminate the Agreement if: (a) the Manager is convicted of an indictable offence ...

Assignment of Management Rights in NSW

07 April 2009


The assignment of Management Rights is not highly regulated in New South Wales. Accordingly, you have to revert to the ...

Developers and NSW Management Rights

21 February 2012


I continue to scratch my head and wonder why developers in New South Wales are so slow to pick up ...

Fixing Up the Anomalies

17 March 2014


How silly can the law be? Did you know that the current NSW strata laws require Owners Corporation approval before a ...